Warning! Spoilers for The Mandalorian: The Rescue are ahead.

This is the way.

It’s not difficult to call the finale of the second season of The Mandalorian one of the greatest season finales of television in some time. Here are seven takeaways from the episode.

1) The Slave I vs. an Imperial shuttle


(Also, who knew that the Slave I had ion cannons?)

2) The Dark Troopers didn’t have much time to be bada–es

Dark Troopers in The Mandalorian. (photo credit: Disney)

The Dark Troopers got a grand introduction over the course of the second season. But then they didn’t really get to display their strength and abilities. Hopefully, people at least realize that they are powerful and the only reason they were defeated so easily is that they went up against one of the greatest Jedi ever.

3) Din Djarin Becomes The King Of The Mandalorians

This was unexpected! We didn’t even know that the darksaber would be pursued in the final episode of the second season, let alone that Din Djarin would obtain it – and the implications of that.

4) Luke Skywalker!

Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian. (photo credit: Disney)

We at That Hashtag Show accurately predicted or questioned that Luke Skywalker would obtain Grogu (see here, here and here for examples), but who expected him to be halfway played by Mark Hamill? Unless his performance preceded his retirement as Luke – which may be entirely possible – Hamill said this year that he retired from the character!

I can’t believe the news about Luke being in The Mandalorian didn’t get out in the public as it did regarding Bo-Katan, Ahsoka Tano and Boba Fett. As Hamill said, “The fact that we were able to keep my involvement a secret for over a year with no leaks is nothing less than a miracle.”

5) Grogu’s Departure From Din Could Have Been Stronger

Had there been just a little more buildup of a relationship between the characters over the two seasons – and especially the second season – the departure of Grogu (AKA the child/baby Yoda) from Din could have been that much more emotionally resonant. However, it still was a great scene.

6) The End Of Grogu?

With Luke having collected Grogu, it seems clear our little green friend has left the show. If so, that was a good two-season run for the child, especially when you consider how valid the claims are that the show was more about Grogu and less about Din over those seasons.

I applaud Jon Favreau for ending Grogu’s story arc when it should end, rather than carrying it out because he sells merchandise.

7) The Book Of Boba Fett

I can’t believe Disney didn’t announce the show at Disney Investor Day. The corporation saved it for The Mandalorian – Disney made it fun!

It was also shown in Marvel style, in a post-credits scene that saw the title and date of release revealed.

What are your takeaways from The Mandalorian: The Rescue? Comment below!