With the 45th anniversary of Super Sentai coming next year we finally get a glimpse of the new team. There were a few leaked pictures of the “White Ranger” known as ZenKaiser.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger

What In The Morphin’ Grid Is This!

It’s an anniversary season first and foremost! If you look at ZenKaisers helmet right in between the V you’ll see the new 45th-anniversary logo that we’ve seen since the introduction of AkaRed 15 years ago and has updated every 5 years. ZenKaiser seems to be a mixture of Aka Ranger and Big One.

Speculation And Theory Ahead

These are just my opinions and thoughts on what might happen as an avid fan of both Super Sentai and Power Rangers and I will be interchanging Japanese and American names so fans of the series’ can stay on board

Are They Rangers Or Mecha

They could be BOTH! Possibly trying to film during COVID they decided to make a smaller bubble and use one actor and several suit actors instead of running the risk of having an exponential amount of the main cast.

For the well-trained ranger fan you can see that these “Mech-Rangers” as I will refer to them are based on designs we have seen before

  • Red is based on Daizyujin (MMPR Dino Megazord / Zyuranger)
  • Yellow is based on GaoKing (Wild Force Megazord / Gaoranger)
  • Pink is based on MagiKing (Mystic Force’s Titan Megazord / Magiranger)
  • Blue is based on DaiBouken (Operation Overdrive’s DriveMax Megazord / Boukenger)

I’m going to go out on a limb a say that these rangers could have properties like the Gokaigers BUT instead of whole transformations, the Zenkaigers use attributes like the series they are derived from I’m going to only use seasons after Zyuranger/MMPR as a general fan of both knows by now.

  • Red: Dino Powers
    • MMPR, Dino Thunder, Dino Charge, and Dino Fury
  • Yellow: Animal Powers
    • Wild Force, Lost Galaxy, Jungle Fury, Zyouhger, Beast Morphers
  • Blue: Tech/Vehicle Powers
    • Turbo, Space, Time Force, SPD, Operation Overdrive, RPM
  • Pink: Mystical Powers
    • Zeo, MMPR Season 2 / Dairanger, Ninja Storm, Mystic Force

These are just some ideas I have. We do know that they will have a device called a Sentai Gear to work with you can see them clearly in the photo. So maybe a different gear will shift them into another mech or power? HOW will they even introduce a 6th Ranger or Extra Hero?! AS we find out you will too!

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