The Top Jedi Contenders

Who the Jedi that Grogu reached out to is anyone’s guess. Here are some of the theories we have seen that could easily be debunked :

  1. Mace Windu: I am sure that will be a loving and wonderful forgiving moment now that Boba Fett is back….”Hey thanks for beheading my Dad wanna be friends?”
  2. Luke Skywalker: The timeline fits and we know Sebastian Stan looks like him. But if Luke knows about him why is there no mention of it during the last trilogy. Also, this would cause problems with the sequel’s timeline.
  3. Ezra Bridger: This one actually makes sense. The timeline fits but I would guess it’s a red herring. The Thrawn comment is too casually mentioned and then thrown away. This story is better saved for the Ahsoka Tano series coming to Disney+.
  4. Cal Kestis: The protagonist from Jedi Fallen Order could be a logical candidate, especially since his motion capture was done by actor Cameron Monaghan, who would be instantly recognizable and easy to play the character. However, he might not be on the radar for The Mandalorian. We just don’t know enough about his whereabouts for him to be a strong candidate.

Where We Actually Think It’s Heading

Basically, the sum total leads us to a pair of expanded/Legends Universe characters. Who would make the most sense to introduce to canon, other than Kyle Katarn and Mara Jade. They already brought Grand Admiral Thrawn back, so these are really the two most popular Legends Universe characters that everyone wants to see.

It would make sense, because these two characters would be sort of out of left field from a more base-level audience. For fans of the EU/LU, it would be a blow up moment. Finally, after nearly thirty years, these beloved characters would get their moment to shine in live action on The Mandalorian. It would also be the big moment that Star Wars has been waiting for. They’re building out this extended Disney+ universe, what better way to build toward a huge Avengers style movie with Grand Admiral Thrawn, than with Kyle Katarn, Mara Jade, Ahsoka Tano, and whoever else joining forces.

Now you might be sitting there thinking, “well that seems more far-fetched than any of the other Jedi that I’ve heard about”. It does at first glance. It seems like it’s just a pipe dream. But when you dive deeper, it makes more and more sense.

The Dark Troopers Are The Key

In the nineties everyone was playing Dark Forces and Dark Forces II. What’s the focus of these two games? The Dark Trooper Program. In Chapter 14 of The MandalorianThe Tragedy“, we had the first on-screen appearance of these Dark Troopers. Seeing as how they are so absolutely vital to the story of Kyle Katarn, it would make the most sense that the person who initially defeated them in the Star Wars games, would be the one to answer the call.

Mara Jade later on becomes the Padawan to Kyle Katarn, so that’s where she comes in. Their story is too big and intertwined for LucasFilm to continue to simply pretend that they don’t exist.

So for these reasons and the ones explained in the video above, the best candidate and most logical would be Kyle Katarn and Mara Jade to answer Grogu’s call.

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