TNT hasn’t seen the man known as Sting in a very long time. The wrestling legend made his AEW debut tonight defending Arn Anderson, Cody Rhodes, and Darby Allin. Taz, Will Hobbs, Ricky Starks, and Brian Cage were attacking the trio. After a blackout and a quick video package, Sting made his way to the ring. It didn’t take any physicality from Sting to clear the villains out.

He made his way around the ring, facing off with Anderson, then Rhodes, and finally Allin. It was a chilling moment that showed just how much juice the appearance of Sting still has. Who knows what his motives are, or if he’ll be ready to get back in the ring, but Sting is in AEW.

Tony Khan had this to say about the legend.

The surprise introduction of Sting was a great way to celebrate our biggest episode of Dynamite yet. When AEW launched, I was ecstatic to bring wrestling back to TNT after a very long absence. Sting defeated the legendary Ric Flair in the final wrestling match to be shown on TNT for more than 18 years until the debut of Dynamite in 2019. Now, almost two decades later, it’s such a thrill to welcome Sting to AEW and bring him back home to TNT!”

Tony Khan

The message from AEW mentioned to wait until next week to get his reasoning why he’s in AEW. So I guess we’ll have to see next week!

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Source: AEW