Whether you’re celebrating CyberMonday (I hate that this is a “holiday” now), or you just are shopping on ShoutFactory‘s website, they have a special treat. If you’re using their Shout FactoryTV app starting November 30th, they’ll be having a Chopping Mall marathon. If you’re wondering what Chopping Mall is, then here’s the distilled version.

A mall owner buys a top line security system that includes robots called Protectors. These Protectors go haywire after a lightning storm and start doing their security patrols while the mall is closed. It just so happens that there are some people trapped in the mall overnight.

You can get Shout! FactoryTV on most streaming devices. Devices such as: Roku, Amazon Fire, AppleTV, and Android. You can also get the app for SmartTVs.

So just in case you wanted to peruse ShoutFactory (or ScreamFactory) while enjoying a full 24 hours of Chopping Mall, this is your chance. Of course, that’s not the only thing that Shout! FactoryTV has. They also carry a multitude of cult classic films. Best of all, it’s free. Of course there are ads, because nothing is truly “free”. But it’s a fantastic service for those that just want to watch some classic campy or cult films and media.

I know I’ll be watching at least one run of Chopping Mall when November 30th rolls around.

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