Reported on back in July. Matt Reeves The Batman movie has already been picked up for a spin-off series on HBO Max. The show is dubbed Gotham PD, and will take place within the continuity of the movie but be focused on the police work of Gotham’s police department.

Gotham PD comic book image

Details about the series are scarce at this time. However it has been reported that the show will be built around exploring the rampant corruption that exists both in Gotham and within the Gotham PD itself. Corruption is one of the main reasons why Batman is unable to make Gotham a better place despite his best efforts.

Now the show has hit a large snag. Showrunner and executive producer Terence Winter has apparently left. The exact reasons for Winter’s departure are unknown. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Terence’s vision for the concept did not coincide with what Reeves and producers had in mind.

At this time a new showrunner has not been selected. It is also unknown if this will push the release of Gotham PD back or cause other problems with the show’s production down the line.

The Batman Universe Problems

This is not the first problem to pause the fledgling Batman universe Warner is trying to get off the ground. The Matt Reeves helmed movie has been plagued with problems. Aside from the long production delay brought on by COVID. Star Robert Pattinson contracted COVID himself. Reportedly after lockdown Pattinson had gained weight and refused to get in shape. Although these are somewhat unfounded reports. Something that has caused Reeves a large amount of headaches.

Warner obviously wants to go full steam on The Batman being the launching point for an entire connected universe. So far though the creation of this universe has been rough.

We will have to wait and see how everything plays out when both The Batman and Gotham PD eventually premiere.