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I’ve scrolled for hours and hours looking for something to watch on Netflix. It’s just part of the whole mystique of the streaming giant. You spend more time actually clicking through the menus than watching anything. I’ve made the joke that streaming networks are going to start closely resembling cable TV because it’s familiar for people and is proven to work. This new rumor from IndieWire proves that sentiment. The so-called Netflix Direct is being tested out in France only this month.

The feature, Netflix Direct, will curate a schedule only for Netflix subscribers. So if you can imaging a channel showing just Netflix content, that’s what it is. Pretty simple. So for those of you out there looking for some curation in your Netflix life, you better hope the French love the model.

Netflix has had a gargantuan year in 2020. While they’ve had to cancel shows that are fan favorites like GLOW, they’ve gotten big hits with their streaming original movies and shows. The streaming service has flexed it’s muscle throughout the pandemic, showing that it won’t be slowed down.

Movies like The Babysitter: Killer Queen, Enola Holmes, and The Old Guard have driven numbers to the service like never before.

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Source: IndieWire