In the AEW Full Gear Media Briefing today, Cody gave some updates on his battle for the legal use of his last name. During the briefing he stated that he won’t be using the Rhodes last name in AEW. He’s gotten used to just being “The American Nightmare” Cody and he doesn’t want to change that for right now.

If you missed the news, Cody Rhodes was unable to use his last name for media and wrestling properties due to WWE owning the trademark. This week, WWE dropped that trademark and Cody quickly moved in. So for right now, in AEW, Cody will just remain, Cody. He said during the briefing that he would be using the last name Rhodes for third-party activities.

Third-party activities might sound vague, but he reiterated that it’s more for acting and media opportunities. So while we won’t be hearing Justin Roberts add a voluminous “Rhodes” to the end of his name, that doesn’t close the door on it. Like anything in wrestling, the key phrase is, “never say never”.

So we’ll have to see whether Cody is true to his word here. But I’m sure we’ll be seeing Cody Rhodes at some point in AEW.

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Source: AEW Media Briefing