Spy Island follows super spy Nora Freud (no relation). Her mission? Keep an eye on things. Her problem? The island she’s stationed on is on the lip of the Bermuda Triangle, where anything can happen. Her other problem? This particular island is a den of intrigue, populated by spies, tourists, and evil villains set on global domination.

Spy Island #3 dives deep into a classic spy thriller, full of twists and betrayals. Check out our review below. (And catch up on issues #1 and #2 first.)

Note: this review contains some plot spoilers!

Spy Island #3 Review

The first two issues of Spy Island worked to establish the bizarre influence of the Bermuda Triangle. We had a tribute to the Kraken, killer mermaids, and more. But Issue #3 moves the sci-fi/ fantasy elements to the background to let the real spy thriller shine through.

In the last issue, we learned Nora’s father was actually alive and hiding out on the island. This issue gives us a look into his supervillain past. Plus, we learn Nora actually helped him fake his own death and take up a new identity on the island. (This is definitely a complicated family dynamic.)

In addition to expanding on Nora’s relationship with her father, we see more of her sister. And that guy Nora drowned in the opening pages of the very first issue? Well, he’s suddenly playing an important role too. 

Throw in some secret communications, a deadly betrayal, and a few sand fleas, and you’ve got some serious spy action going on.

Spy Island #3 definitely ups the intrigue and drama. I thought I would be disappointed that the issue backed away from its heavier fantasy elements…but actually? I’m very much still on board. The spy elements were done in such a compelling way, I didn’t have room to miss some of the more fantastical elements. There were just enough nods to the unusual (the sand fleas, the mermaid at the end) to make me feel like the strange will still come into play as the story comes together.

Spy Island #3 is available now from Dark Horse.