Riddle me this comic lovers. Have you heard the tale of the story that is happening now only because its from the future and happening again? It is the tale of the future that already happened, the past that has yet to occur, and the present that may or may not be. Confused yet? Then you are ready to read the latest title from BOOM! Studios. Origins 1 encompasses everything and nothing at the same time.

For those of you who are Dr. Who fans, you will understand that time is a like a big ball of wibbely wobbely, timey wimey….stuff. Origins wishes it was that linear, for simply put, it takes place in the present, reliving the past as it prepares to happen again. First issues suffer from a unique problem. It must set up the new universe, the new characters, and the conflict in fewer pages than it takes to do so. No matter the story, there will never be enough information in first issues, but at the same time they need to hook the reader into coming back for the rest of the story next month.

Origins 1 takes place in a post-apocalyptical Earth. The exact nature of the disaster remains hidden for now, but mankind no longer exists – kinda. The Network controls Earth now, and it hates humans to the point of killing all it finds (Sound like Terminator yet?). The last two humans are Chloe and David. I will be honest, if Chloe turns out to not be human I will not be surprised. They also have a nanny/butler robot named Cliff.

Origins 1 – Which Direction Are We Going Again?

The confusing part of Origins 1 comes from its story telling. The language and characters come across easy enough, but the story itself seems jumbled on purpose. It opens telling of David’s past. The story flows easily enough, but the storyteller’s version and the version shown do not entirely match up. Chloe leaves out very key information as she tells David.

The story will later jump into the present as David wants to do something that Chloe fears is too dangerous. Chloe fears David learning his past might destroy him….yet David is a kid (late teens maybe). Chloe hints at an important past of David even though she created him…sorta. Confused yet?

Origins 1 poses a million questions, but answers none. It needs another issue (or five) to fully set up the details to the story, but it does a great job doing it in such a manner as to be completely intriguing. It makes me want to know more. This story runs for 6 issues (for now), so expect it to keep a brisk pace. We will also get answers sooner rather than later since they only have five more issues to get everything out.

Check out this Intriguing new title from BOOM! Studios and see if it draws you into what has never happened already.