In what is possibly the vaguest statement ever made by Besthesda, they sort of hinted at Starfield‘s release date. In the same sense that someone talking about Earth is hinting at the oceans.

Starfield's space station thing being sucked up by Todd Howard's black hole.
Ah, yes. Clearly, Todd Howard’s statement opened a black hole with the weight of its vagueness.

During the Develop: Brighton Digital 2020 conference, Todd Howard, director and executive producer of Bethesda Game Studios, made an announcement about Starfield. It was the vaguest statement anyone could’ve said about the upcoming game. Howard’s statement about Starfield lasts a whole 6 words: “it’s going to be a while”.

And that’s it. Nothing concrete. Nothing certain. Just a vague statement with no real substance to it. Thanks a lot, Howard. We really appreciate it.

Starfield: Hopefully Not Another Star Citizen

Starfield's logo.
Cool background, but when will we see an actual game?

Again, there’s basically no substance to Howard’s “reveal” about Starfield‘s release date. It’s far too vague for that. I’m basically trying to construct a skyscraper from thin air. Anything I say here is going to be speculation that you should take with quite a lot of salt.

A salt mine full of what is probably salt.
Here you go, an entire mine full of salt for you to snack on.

The only thing I feel I can say for a certainty is that Starfield probably won’t be released in 2021. Hypocritical, I know. It’s all I’ve got to work with though. All we know for certain about Starfield is that it’s in the science fiction genre, and that it likely will involve space at some point. Oh, and that Bethesda Game Studios are still working on it. Hopefully.


Todd Howard made an incredibly vague comment about Starfield‘s release taking a while, and that’s it. Nothing more to see here, folks. Just move on to something that doesn’t make you throw up your arms in frustration. Like the fact that Microsoft now owns Bethesda and GameStop. That will cheer you up, right?

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