Blair Witch game box
Can You Solve the mystery?

Let’s face it. One of the biggest sub-cultures in television and movies is the mystery genre. Who did it? Why did they do it? What to the clues say? Whether it comes form Perry Mason, or Unsolved Mysteries, or the board game Clue, people love solving, or attempting to solve, mysteries. They can be fun and games or real life problems like Jean Bonnet Ramsey. Well Lionsgate Entertainment decided to capitalize on this love of mystery in a partnership with Hunt-A-Killer. Their latest project goes even further as it uses the setting and events of The Blair Witch Project for its story!

Hunt-A-Killer – A New Form of Entertainment

The closest thing to Hunt-A-Killer is the game Clue, but that doesn’t even compare to this. With Clue success comes from asking the right questions and paying attention to what others ask. With Hunt-A-Killer there are no boards and no questions. You become an actual private investigator attempting to piece all the clues together to figure out what happened and/or who dun it?

I’ll go over the game itself in a moment, but this game simply gives you a box of evidence and clues. Some are hidden while some are plain as day. Then there are the clues you literally must find! With a keen mind you may solve the riddle quickly, but if a single clue eludes you, you might find yourself hopelessly stuck. Well, almost hopelessly. Lionsgate Games designed this game with such a problem in mind. When you enter their world they provide a Facebook page for assistance as well as their own website. If you doubt yourself, do not doubt you can find help.

Hunt-A-Killer – What Do You Get?

The contents of Blair Witch box 1
Somewhere there is an answer…

The cost of this game runs anywhere from $25-30 per month/box depending on how you want to pay. Each story you subscribe to will unfold over a series of six boxes, one per month. While each box tells its own story and poses a question for you to answer, all six boxes add up to a much larger picture.

I had a chance to try out box one of the Blair Witch scenario. Quite simply Liam Kent has gone missing from Burkittsville. Those who watched The Blair Witch movies, you will recognize this name. The setting for this story takes place some years after the events of the movie, but if you haven’t seen the movie you miss out on nothing. In box one you receive numerous items from police reports to letters, a journal, a map, and more. You even get a pen. Were they just trying to be nice? Not quite. Every thing in this box exists for a reason, and each box will be completely different! You must comb through everything provided to answer the question on the back of the postcard. It walks you through how to answer the final question online.

Hunt-A-Killer – The Experience

This might just be a game, but it also mimics real life. This is what investigators do! They read reports, witness testimony, known facts and attempt to figure out what happened. The experience here matched. You may be asking how hard is it? We combed through everything, and for us a few things popped out that led us to the correct answer. While I will say there is a lot of stuff that we did not need, if you miss the few clues you need you will spin in circles. Difficulty depends on you.

Just because something was not needed now does not mean it won’t come around again in a later part of the story in future boxes. There were several clues/items that seemed irrelevant to this box/question, but given the nature of it, I would bet it will factor into the story in later boxes. You are strongly encouraged to keep EVERYTHING until the story finishes.

You can play this by yourself or assemble your sleuthiest friends to help you out. Play time really depends on how work is delegated and how observant you and your friend’s deductive skills are. There are really only two downsides to Hunt-A-Killer. Re-playability is zero obviously. Once you crack it you cannot go back and unknow things, and two – know where to find small watch batteries. You will figure out why when you subscribe.

If you love clue-busting and sleuthing. If you think yourself the next Perry Mason or Sherlock Holmes, Hunt-A-Killer is a crime for you! As for the Blair Witch story line, if you love the movie this will give you extra chills. If you have never seen the movie, this still makes a great puzzle to start. Check it out at