Reports claim that the rumored Xbox Series S, otherwise known as “Lockhart” will be revealed in August. It’s rumored to be a less-powerful machine and also cheaper than the base model.

A Cheaper Xbox?

Although no specifics have been revealed regarding the Series S. It’s release would likely be alongside the impressive Xbox Series X as a cheaper and alternative system for gamers on a budget. At the now canceled E3 event this year, Xbox was slated to unveil its next-gen system. The Xbox Series X, with the Xbox Series S for comparisons. Due to E3’s cancellation, Xbox coined the campaign Xbox 20/20. This was as a way to reveal updates and announcements regarding the next-gen systems. 

To compensate for the lowered price, the Series S system is likely to be a striped down version of the Series X. It is not certain about the Series S details, but it would likely not have all the exciting specs the Series X promises. But releasing a cheaper system makes it easier to get a new Xbox system in the hands of new gamers. 

New Xbox Series Titles

As far as the new titles expected for the new Xbox systems, a new Halo installment, Halo Infinite, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Bloodlines 2, and many more that will be announced throughout Xbox 20/20. 

With their competitors at Sony gearing up for the release of the PS5 later this year as well, the rumor regarding the Xbox Series S might give Microsoft the leg up in regards to an affordable new gaming system on market. 

What Do You Think?

With that being said, are you interested in picking up the Series S? Or would you shell out the extra cash and buy the impressive Xbox Series X? I guess we’ll have to wait until August to hear more about what is in store for Xbox.