Last month we told you about Hake’s Auction for some quite rare Kenner Star Wars figures. This includes what many Star Wars collectors call the “Holy Grail” of toys; the prototype J-Slot Rocket Firing Boba Fett. The auction is over, and here’s how it shook out.

J-Slot Boba Fett, Darth Vader and Ben Kenobi from Mattel
All we do is win…

Original article: “Holy Grail” Boba Fett up for Auction

This lot had several rare prototypes and early versions of figures, some not ever available to the public. That makes things a bit unfair for the every-day collector, but such is the business. Even though most could never afford to own such a collectible, it was still fun to watch the auction. Overall, lot #228 included some impressive Star Wars collectibles, along with a bevy of rare comics, older Disney collectibles, and original comic art. In the end, the entire lot brought over $2 million dollars!

What did the J-Slot Boba Fett bring?

The bidding ended yesterday at 9pm on auction #228 for item number 1815, and the rare J-slot Boba Fett sold for a whopping $185,850.00. That’s a little under the $200k-$500k valuation, but still a big chunk of credits. The previous record was held by another variant of this, the L-Slot Boba Fett, sold last July on Hake’s for $112,926.

Boba Fett auction
Talk about a bounty…

The other big items in this auction were carded early examples of Ben Kenobi, Darth Vader and (farmboy) Luke Skywalker, and the infamous Walrus Man/Bib Fortuna, all of which brought in a pretty penny, too. Kenobi brought in $76,700, Vader hooked up for $64,900, Walrus Man Bib brought in $28,556, and Luke fetched $12,957. Not a bad haul for a few chunks of molded plastic! Don’t you wish your mom would not have thrown out your old toys now?

What other items sold?

Among the comics in this collection, the biggest seller was a Captain America Comics #1 from 1941, slabbed and graded 4.0 that sold for $44,250. This issue is the first appearance of Cap, Bucky and The Red Skull. Another high flyer in this collection was a Batman Comics issue #1 and #2 from Spring of 1940, featuring the first appearances of The Joker, Catwoman and Hugo Strange. They brought in a hefty $22,420. Check out the full auction on Hake’s website here.

What’s in your wallet? Could you have bought Boba Fett?

Boba Fett took all my money!
Boba Fett took all my money!

How about it, collectors? Were these a good deal or overblown? Hard to put a value on something if you want it bad enough. I would have had to roll a lot of pennies for that one. Let us know your thoughts at That Hashtag Show!