Arrow vet Stephen Amell revealed he tested positive for COVID-19.

Amell made the announcement during an interview with actor Michael Rosenbaum for the Inside of You podcast. Though Amell’s diagnosis left him spending weeks in quarantine, he is now virus-free and clear to return to work on his Starz series Heels.

Amell had been undergoing regular COVID-19 tests, as required to continue working during the pandemic. He admitted to feeling almost “invincible” due to all the negative tests before he got sick.

“Maybe there was a part of me that was starting to feel a little invincible because by the time I tested positive, we’re looking at, gosh, 40 negative tests,” said Amell.

However, the actor knew catching COVID was not impossible. Amell said he felt a lot of anxiety about potentially catching the virus. On top of regular testing, he was following the appropriate social distancing guidelines.

“I always knew that it was a possibility, and I felt a great deal of pressure to not get it,” recalled Amell. “I’ve always been really good about…mask wearing about social distancing, following the rules.” 

When Amell started feeling sick, he knew he needed to get tested. 

“I started to notice something on a Monday… Phoned up the people at CTEH, had them come to my apartment, test me. Came back positive the following Wednesday, got tested again, came back positive again,” Amell said. “But, frankly, at that point I didn’t need a second positive test because those first couple of days, just really…they just, they just sucked.”

After three weeks in quarantine, Amell wants his experience to remind people to take all the recommended health precautions.

“I have actively, actively, actively tried to avoid contracting this virus. And guess what? I f****** got it anyway. So be smart.”