If you’re a fan of the Adult Swim show, Robot Chicken, then there isn’t really a market out there for more animated shows like that. Your options are pretty limited to Robot Chicken and the old Nickelodeon show, Action League Now!. Luckily for you, the people behind Robot Chicken have come to satisfy that adult themed animated show itch. Crossing Swords is the brand new show on Hulu Streaming from creators John Harvatine IV and Tom Root.

Just What Is Crossing Swords About?

Crossing Swords

The show also stars some pretty big-time actors and actresses like Luke Evans, Nicholas Hoult, and Tara Strong. Instead of the sketch style of Robot Chicken, we’re getting a narrative driven show about a horribly corrupt king and his kingdom. Patrick (voiced by Hoult) is our hero. Patrick lucks his way into a squire position for the King (voiced by Evans). The hero learns about the horrible state of the Kingdom. There are problems everywhere including death, famine, horny monarchs, and more.

In addition to this, his criminal family has returned. So Patrick has to deal with keeping the King happy, trying to stop his tyrannical reign, and his family giving him crap along the way. The show is all wrapped up in a fanciful animated style based on peg-people toys.

Looking at some of the talent involved, Crossing Swords looks like it could be another smash hit for the tandem of creators. In addition to the crass humor, the show looks to have heart. That’s really the key to these types of shows. If you can get the adult humor down, you’re golden. But you also need to grab the attention and emotions of people. Now that might be a little hard to do with peg-people toys, but Crossing Swords looks like it could do it.

When Can You Watch It?

Crossing Swords debuts on Hulu, June 12th. The first season will run a total of ten episodes. With talent like this and the creative minds behind one of the best and longest running animated shows ever, you could do much worse.

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