If you are a fan of the Star Wars: The High Republic comic series then you are probably familiar with Jedi Terec and Ceret. Stationed at the Starlight Beacon, these Kotabi humanoid twins are unique as they are “bound-Twins” that share one mind. Well, today Star Wars has revealed more about these twins by revealing their LGBTQ+ statues in a “Trans Day of Visibility” announcement.

In honor of #TransDayOfVisibility we’re proud to unveil an exclusive cover highlighting Terec and Ceret, trans non-binary Jedi, currently featured in Marvel’s The High Republic comic. We support trans lives and we are passionate and committed to broadening our representation in a galaxy far far away. #TDOV

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The High Republic
Star Wars: The High Republic Exclusive Cover

In a time where many franchises are being been looked at for their lack of diversity, The Star Wars: The High Republic comic series has been no stranger to a more diverse Star Wars story. With many characters of color, females, and now non-binary included in the series, it seems that The High Republic is ready to open more doors for a more diverse Star Wars universe.

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