Walt Disney Studios has found great success with the Frozen franchise. Thus far it has spun off multiple films and shorts,. There’s even an epic LIVE Stage Show at Disney’s California Adventure Park. For those not familiar, The story of Frozen takes us on an epic musical journey telling the story of sisters Princess Ana and Queen Elsa. Along the way, Disney introduced us to a handful of magical creatures. One of those was Olaf, the snowman who likes warm hugs and is obsessed with summer. And now, to once again prove that Frozen Fever is far from over, there comes a new Frozen short that’s sure to put a smile on your face. 

Once upon a snowman
Image: Disney

Once Upon a Snowman tells the origin story of the lovable Olaf. It fills in the blanks as to what happened to him between creation and meeting up with the two sisters. As we know, Elsa created Olaf in the first film after her powers were exposed and she decides to let it go and see what she can really do.

“Once Upon a Snowman” begins as Elsa epically rips off her cape and lets it go into the wind…only to knock Olaf down a snowy hillside sending him on a whirlwind journey of self-discovery. 


There is so much to unpack during this seven-minute short film and a multitude of Frozen Easter Eggs. While on his journey of self-discovery, Olaf (and the viewer) encounter a handful of familiar characters and moments sure to be an exciting discovery for any Frozen fan. We early learn how Olaf, the goofy snowman, fell in love with Summer! 

Easter Egg: Keep an eye out for those stereoscopes cards! You just might see some other Disney Worlds helping to inspire Olaf.

I enjoyed that part of Olaf’s journey was finding his nose – something I actually never noticed from the first film. Every snowman needs a carrot nose, right?!

As Olaf wandered into Okans shop, he almost runs into Ana who is carrying – you guessed it – carrots. We then get a fun montage of nose options including director Trent Correy’s original choice – a fish!! What?! I know!

Once Upon a Snowman is the best Frozen Short Yet

I absolutely loved Once Upon a Snowman. In seven minutes, the team behind the short has managed to fill in the blanks seamlessly it’s almost as if this is a part of the original movie. I found myself rewatching, and picking up on all the frozen moments that interwove Olaf with Ana, Elsa, and Kristoff without them even noticing. 

Once Upon a Snowman premieres exclusively on Disney+ October 23rd. Don’t miss it!