Dolly Parton in Christmas on the Square

Is October too early to start planning your holiday movie binge? Objectively, yes. (Can we at least get through Halloween first?) But when Dolly Parton herself offers you a Christmas musical featuring the talents of Christine Baranski and Jenifer Lewis? Well, you can’t really turn away from that, can you?

And when that star-studded musical will hit Netflix next month? Well, I guess there’s nothing to do but start celebrating a little early. Check out the first trailer for Christmas on the Square below.

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square is a classic Scrooge story. A rich and nasty woman, Regina Fuller, returns to her small hometown after her father’s death to evict everyone and sell the land to a mall developer – right before Christmas. However, after listening to stories of the local townsfolk, reconnecting with an old love, and accepting the guidance of an actual angel, Regina starts to have a change of heart. 

Christine Baranski in Christmas on the Square

The film features 14 original songs with music and lyrics by Parton herself. In addition to the talented acting cast, the musical is directed and choreographed by three-time Emmy and Golden Globe winner Debbie Allen. In short, Christmas on the Square sounds jam-packed full of talent and holiday cheer.

Jenifer Lewis in Christmas on the Square

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square debuts on Netflix November 22.

What do you think of the first trailer? Is the pull of Dolly Parton enough to get you in a festive mood a bit early?

Source: Netflix