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Netflix’s GLOW was once though to be a failure at the streaming giant. It was almost cancelled after the first season. Now, they’re on to their fourth and final season of the show based on the all-women’s wrestling show from the 80’s. Glow isn’t just all about wrestling and spandex though. The show continually draws from various emotional places and events throughout it’s three fantastic seasons. Season four has just recently started filming and we’re without a release date for the fourth season. What we do have at That Hashtag Show are some new characters you can look forward to in the fourth season.

If you haven’t seen season three of GLOW, spoilers are ahead. We’re left in season three with Debbie and Bash buying a TV station in Los Angeles. Carmen leaves the group to go work on the independent wrestling circuit with her family. Finally, Ruth doesn’t accept Debbie’s offer to be a producer with her at the new network. The cliffhanger ending is frustrating, but that just means that season four will have to deliver the goods. As for what we can expect out of the new season, these character guides might give us a little clue.

New Independent Characters In GLOW

[YOKO SUMO] (20-30s, female, Asian or Asian-American) A wrestler in Gypsy Mae’s indie circuit, Yoko uses her body mass to her advantage in her wrestling matches. Friendly, but a bit of an enigma. Please submit actors of varying body types. Wrestling experience not required but preferred. Please note any wrestling/stunt/movement experience in submission. RECURRING CO-STAR

[STAR] (20-30s, female, all ethnicities) A salty, seasoned wrestler on the indie circuit. One of Gypsy Mae’s girls. Great at her job and gets along well with her fellow wrestlers. Real wrestling experience required. Actors must be trained pro wrestlers. Please note height and relevant experience in submission. RECURRING CO-STAR

[KIP BIGELOW] (20-30s, male, all ethnicities) Working class “face” type wrestler. A rising WWF star who visits an indie wrestling circuit to scout some female wrestling talent. Real wrestling experience required. Actors must be trained pro wrestlers. Please note height and relevant experience in submission. CO-STAR

From these character descriptions, not only are we getting more wrestling talent on the show, we’re getting perhaps a new antagonist or major character in Gypsy Mae. This mysterious character wasn’t described in this character guide. From what we can discern, she sounds like either the leader of a rival promotion or one that GLOW has to go to, to get new talent for the show. Which makes sense. They’re moving to a bigger production, they need more talent. These three characters also have the tag of “recurring co-star”.

Final Thoughts

It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the fourth season of GLOW arrives. The show has been through a lot in regards to it’s plot-lines. The final season should be full of fireworks and wrestling action. In addition to the emotional weight that Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch put into each episode. I’m really looking forward to how they tie up the whole thing. I want to know how the movie-within-the show is going with Sam and Justine. The thought of GLOW going up against another rival promotion in Los Angeles is also tantalizing. It should be an exciting season for the show and we all can’t wait for it.

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