At the risk of sounding pessimistic…are we ever actually going to get a Wicked movie?

Universal first announced plans to develop a feature film based on the successful stage musical back in 2012. (And rumors of a possible film started years before that.) 

It’s hard to even keep track of how many times Wicked has been delayed, postponed, and rescheduled in the last near-decade. (Hey Universal – still standing by the decision to make Cats instead?) 

Now, the potential feature has encountered yet another setback. Deadline reports director Stephen Daldry has exited the project. This is an especially big blow since Daldry had been attached to the film since nearly its first announcement. 

Apparently, Universal wanted the movie completed more quickly than Daldry was comfortable with. Daldry reportedly cited a shortage of stage space in London as a reason the film could not move forward faster. Still, Daldry’s exit from Wicked was said to be amicable.

Wicked musical poster

The Wicked stage musical adapts Gregory Maguire’s Wizard of Oz prequel novel. Wicked staged its first performance back in 2003. It became a hit with audiences. Now the musical is one of the highest-grossing productions of all time.

The film’s production holds several ties to the original stage show. Stageplay author Winnie Holzman and songwriter Stephen Schwartz teamed up to write the film’s script. Plus, musical producer Marc Platt also produces the Wicked film.

Despite Daldry’s exit, Universal still plans to move forward with the film. The studio is currently looking for a new director. When plans for the film adaptation first emerged, several big names were in talks, including JJ Abrams and Ryan Murphy. 

So, who do you think should direct Wicked? (And do you think we’re ever going to actually get the movie?) Let us know in the comments.

Source: Deadline