What could be better for those spooky October vibes than watching your favorite real-life goth family go ghost hunting? (I’m talking about the Osbournes here. Your favorite fictional goth family is, of course, the Addams Family.)

That’s right. The Osbournes are going ghost hunting. Jack has already ventured into paranormal investigation before. But this time, he’s bringing his sister Kelly and his parents Ozzy and Sharon into the mix. You can tune in to the Travel Channel to see the Prince of Darkness try to get in touch with some spirits.


The Osbournes’ investigation will take place at the Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles. Heritage Square Museum is actually a collection of buildings – old Victorian homes relocated to one spot in the city. Locals consider Heritage Square one of the most haunted spots in the city. However, it’s never been investigated for TV before. Apparently, staff and guests have recently reported an uptick in paranormal activity. So the Osbournes may catch some good ghostly activity on camera.

“Most families go pumpkin picking around Halloween. The Osbournes – we go ghost hunting,” Jack joked.

He also discussed the decision to take his family to Heritage Square.

“Heritage Square is a very haunted location that not many people outside of Los Angeles know about – everyone is in for a real treat,” said Jack. “Expect crazy paranormal activity, creepy encounters – especially with Kelly, classic Osbourne humor and naturally, a few guest appearances from the dogs.”

Psychic mediums Cindy Kaza and Sarah Lemos and paranormal expert Ben Hansen will join the Osbournes for their investigation.

The Osbournes: Night of Terror airs on Travel Channel Friday, October 30 at 9pm EST.

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Source: ComicBook