Coming off that heated second issue and with Jason morphing up for the first time in 10 years. The stakes are high as Drakkon’s contingency plan looms over the world of the coinless.

Red with Anger

It seems Jason is taking back “what is his” to protect the planet. Eclipta is looming but the real battle I think is between Jason and all of Kim’s crew.

Tensions are in the Red Zone

All the characters have their own motivations. This is going to have a lot of storytelling jammed into the limited Drakkon run. I really hope this will lead to a second run of some sort of extended story Soft Cover. there is so much going on with these characters not to! in fact if you look at the character on the main cover below, is that supposed to be a streamlined version of Jason’s Deadlock uniform?

We Got These Covers

What Do You Think Of Drakkon New Dawn #3?

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