I should just leave that trailer and not write anything below here. That trailer is enough to get me into whatever theater or VOD service to buy this movie. In the realm of bad movie trailers, there is a camp, that oozes so much campiness, that you get a movie like Jiu Jitsu. Taking a look at the cast quickly, it stars Frank Grillo, Tony Jaa, Juju Chan, and of course, Nicolas Cage. It’s directed by Dimitri Logothetis.

The basic plot is somewhat like the film Predator. Every six years a comet opens a portal to a different side of the universe. Out comes an alien that’s looking for a fight. If we give them the fight, they leave. If not, they kill everyone. It’s simple.

I’m not sitting down to watch this movie for the wonderful cinematography. I’m sitting down to watch Jiu Jitsu because of the premise and the acting. Seeing Nicolas Cage as a crazy samurai fighting an alien being from another world is the icing on the cake.

In a world that needs fun and something to turn your brain off while watching, Jiu Jitsu looks like what we all need. After all, karate and swords films are always a delight even if they’re heinously bad. Let’s hope this one fits into the camp of “wow, that was actually pretty good, and a fun ride”.

Jiu Jitsu releases in theaters, digital, and VOD on November 20th.

Jiu Jitsu

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