After the announcement from Disney about its change to focus on streaming, it’s no surprise that more and more films will be coming to the service. The next film to come to Disney+ is called, Clouds. Clouds tells the story of Zach Sobiech, the kid behind the hit song Clouds back in 2012. 

Zach Sobiech is your typical High Schooler, with one big difference – he has cancer. To be more specific, he has a terminal form of osteosarcoma (bone cancer). After learning of his terminal diagnoses, Zach and his best-friend Sammy begin writing songs together. They post them on YouTube, eventually becoming viral sensations. 

Clouds is directed by Justin Baldoni – yes, Raphael from Jane the Virgin – and stars Fin Argus (Gifted) and Sabrina Carpenter (Work It!, Girl Meets World) as Zach and Sammy, as well as Neve Campell (Scream) and Tom Everett Scott (That Thing You Do) as Zach’s parents. 

A Bit Of Good And A Bit Of Pacing Issues For Clouds

I was completely unfamiliar with Zach’s story before watching this film, but now I understand why he was such a phenomenon. While Zach struggles with his diagnoses and trying to live the last few months of his life as normal as possible, he teaches us a huge lesson, “You don’t have to find out that you are dying, to start living.” 

Fin Argus did a fantastic job as Zach. I believed every minute of his struggle while he was on screen and rooted for him the entire way. Sabrina Carpenter is charming as always, and I really appreciated that this film (because the memoir is written by Zach’s mother) didn’t become about the parents when it so easily could have. 

I did, however, feel that the film itself has huge pacing issues. Clouds clocks in at 2 hours long which doesn’t help. The story gets a little bogged down and caused me not to feel as deeply about these characters as I feel I should have. Zach is a huge inspiration and I don’t feel the slowness paid off in the way Justin Baldoni thought it would. 

Clouds premiers on Disney+ Friday, October 16th. Grab your tissues and enjoy.