Death in the Family

We’ve had a good bit of coverage on Batman: Death In The Family. The new interactive Blu-Ray experience based on the hyper-influential comic book arc is finally out. You can get the film on both digital and physical versions today. While normally I would say, it’s fine to get either the digital version or the physical, this time it’s different. For the full experience with this release, you NEED to get the physical version.

The digital version is nice for people who don’t want a physical collection or whatnot. However, this physical version is where you get the full experience of interactivity. You can pick the winding paths that the characters in the arc take with branching pathways that lead to an ending that your actions choose.

The film stars Bruce Greenwood, Vincent Martella, and John Dimaggio. It’s directed and written by Brandon Vietti. You can read our coverage of the NYCC panel with the four of them right here.

Death in the Family

Now this might lead to a brand new interactive medium for Warner Bros. animation that we haven’t seen yet. There have been “interactive” movies, but not at as grand of a scale like Batman: Death In The Family. So check it out from wherever you buy your movies from. The physical version is a must.

In case that wasn’t enough the physical version includes stories from Sgt. Rock, Adam Strange, Death, and The Phantom Stranger. So you’re getting much more than just the interactive story here.

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