Today at New York Comic Con’s live virtual panel was a roundhouse with the cast and crew of Hulu’s upcoming series Helstrom.

Helstrom is based on the Marvel comic book of the same name. Unlike shows like WandaVision, Helstrom is a standalone story within the Marvel cinematic universe similar to shows like Legion. The show follows Daimon and Satana Hellstrom who are similar and the children of the devil.

The panel starts by showing off the first 10 minutes of the first episode of Helstrom. Giving a preview of what the show will be like. The teaser has Damion being called in by Satana to deal with a problem child. As Damion approaches the child’s room we hear the child speaking in Latin tongue. It is obvious that the child is possessed by a demon. The scene is very reminiscent of the opening of the exorcist with Daimon using holy water to banish the demon.

However, the scene then takes a twist by having Daimon reveal that the holy water is tap water. Exposing the son as a fake. When the son tries to keep up his lie Daimon reveals his own demonic powers. Terrifying the boy before walking away.

We then get a teaser trailer showing more scenes from Helstrom. The trailer revealed the show will be focused on family. An ongoing mystery about Daimon and Satana’s parents. The teaser hints that an ongoing storyline will be the return of the sibling’s parents, the devil.

Helstrom Q and A

During the panel, the stars revealed that the series will bask in its horror roots such as The Exorcist. However, it will also turn them on its head.

“Exorcisms don’t get rid of demons. They just reboot them”

Damian Hobroock

Paul Zbyszewski then went on to explain that the way in which he approached Helstrom. Stating he came at it from the idea of ‘We have a demon exorcising other demons.’

Official Helstrom premiere poster

A breakdown of the characters via the official press release can be found here. All 10 episodes of Helstrom premiere in one week on Friday, October 16th on Hulu.