Today during the New York Comic Con panel we got a lot a Keanu Reeves’ Kickstarter comic BRZRKR.

Keanu was joined by the team behind Brzrkr writer Matt Kindt, and artist Ron Garney. Known for his work on Wolverine and Captain America. As the team discussed Keanu’s new book.

From what is already known from offical press breifing Brzrkr followed an immortal warrior, known as Berzerker, as he fights his way through the ages as is set for a 12 issue run.

Cover for Berzerker

The Story of Brzrkr

According to the team Brzrkr will alternate between the past and the present. In the past we will learn all about Berzerker’s origin. How he became the half-god half-mortal that he is and his journey fighting through the ages.

The other half of Brzrkr’s story will take place in the present day. Where Berzerker has made an agreement with the United States government to enter into hiding in exchange for letting them study him. The government will send Berzerker on missions as part of their deal.

Berzerker’s past will be an ongoing mystery. According to the team his memory will be a large part of the story.

According to Keanu he was attracted to Brzrkr by it’s ultra-violent nature and how fun it was. Keanu revealed he had the idea of an ultra violent character who slices enemies and punches through chests. A warrior who fights through different eras. Being a Viking, a roman solider, a Napoleonic solider. Keanu then wondered what a character like that be like after so much time.

According to Keanu the book is about a man who is compelled to violence not wanting to die, but wanting the ability to die.

So what do you think of Brzrkr?