Spy Island #2 doubles down on fantasy-horror and spy thrills with a killer mermaid attack and more. 

Venture into the Bermuda Triangle…if you dare.

Super spy Nora Freud (no relation) has a plum assignment. She’s stationed on a tropical island. Her mission? Keep an eye on things. Her problem? The island is on the lip of the Bermuda Triangle, where anything can happen. Her other problem? This particular island is a den of intrigue, populated by spies, tourists, and evil villains set on global domination.

Check out our review below. (And if you missed it, here’s our coverage of the first issue.)

Spy Island #2 Review

Spy Island issue #2 maintains all the best elements from its debut issue, while building in even more fun and mystery into the series.

Visually, Spy Island continues to impress. The series mixes illustration with the occasional real image, keeping the style fresh and somehow adding an element of reality to an otherwise very unreal world. This issue also gives us our first look at the killer mermaids…and they did not disappoint! (Can’t say I’ve ever been afraid of mermaids before. But I sure am now.)

The story also walks the often difficult to balance line between character background and plot development. Spy Island #2 once again deftly handles exposition without making it feel like a chore. With the arrival of Nora’s sister, we start to get a glimpse into Nora’s past and family life. (And how those will potentially complicate things for Nora going forward.) 

Spy Island draws you in with its bizarre fantasy/sci-fi/horror elements – the killer mermaid attack, and the island’s history with the Kraken – but holds your attention with classic spy thriller twists. The end of this story brings back a side character from the first issue, who’s way more important than anyone could have guessed. I won’t spoil it for you…but I definitely didn’t see that coming!

And if issue #2 is surprising me with twists this early on? I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Spy Island #2 is now available from Dark Horse.