Group of Gelflings
Gelfings discuss the future

With only two and a half weeks to go Netflix has dropped the final full length trailer for its upcoming series Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. With a run time of 2:37, we are finally given the story and what will play out through this first season. Here is the trailer:

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

The images and clips to this point looked promising, but after this clip the new Netflix series looks fantastic! I will admit the characters from the movies may need some adjusting for the new voices, but this looks to be a blockbuster series.

Age of Resistance Story Revealed

For fans of the original Dark Crystal, and any who have followed the books by J.M. Lee, the plot of this series comes across as obvious, but to all those who do not know this series, and that would be most, the trailers looked cool but spoke little of the actual plot.

Now all can follow what will happens in Age of Resistance. The Skeksis rule the world of Thra, and have done so for some time. Like most evil rulers, they lay out agendas to make the people think one thing while they actually do evil deeds behind the scenes. Thanks to some daring Gelflings, led by Rian whose voiced by Taron Egerton, the Skeksis evil has been revealed. The time to rise up and fight is at hand.

One problem remains. The details of which are clearer in the books, but it hints at it in the trailer, but not all believe the Skeksis are indeed evil. Certain leaders, Maudras, push back against the ideas of revolt, making things much more difficult for Rian and company.

New Level of Old Mechanics

New look of the Skeksis
Skeksis look as fierce as ever!

When the Henson company announced a movie sequel would be made, they swore to use as much of Jim Henson’s legendary puppetry and animatronics as possible. It would coexist with CGI, not be replaced by it. When they abandoned the movie for the Netflix series, they kept the same philosophy and it shows!

The trailer showcases the rich detail and execution of the puppetry made so famous from the original movie. Puppets move in very distinct ways. Many may not realize it until the tiny movements change or are eliminated. The puppet work broke new ground back in 1982. This series looks to do the same even in today’s advanced world.

The Old Highlighted By the New

As fantastic as the puppetry looks, this trailer highlights the CGI that mixes in with the old school hand work. For the first time in Age of Resistance we now see strange, new vehicles. Gelflings flying through caves and trees. Flying creatures and new bugs zoom around in the background. The action rips through from scene to scene, leaving an extremely epic feel to the whole thing.

The colors from the new trailer are rich and vibrant. They pop like never before, yet engenders that familiar feeling from the original movie. The level of detail from clothing to creatures to weapons staggers the mind and makes one’s jaw drop.

Cult Classics Need New Fans

Skeksis with is sword
The Skeksis wield blades for real this time!

The original Dark Crystal falls into the category of films that bombed in the movie theater, but through home viewing garners an audience that never dies. These films become cult classics. Their fan bases may be small, but they are passionate and dedicated.

When studios attempt to relaunch cult classics, they need the fan base, but must also draw in new viewers or the project will flop. The Dark Crystal needs new watchers for this series to be a hit and renewed for season 2. I think this final trailer went a long way to catching those few extra eyeballs to become a hit.

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance will run for 10 episodes in season 1 and drops August 30.