Whether you’re an old fan of Buffy comics or just looking to get started, you won’t want to miss the Legacy collection.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Legacy Edition collects multiple issues of the original Buffy comics. While the Buffy legacy has carried on in a ton of comic editions, these stories were the start of it all. Set during the events of the show’s third season, these stories are meant to supplement the original canon of the hit TV series.

Dark Horse originally published these Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics. Now, Boom! Studios has brought them together in a newly designed collection. Check out a sneak peek of the design and story details below for Legacy Edition Vol. 2. (And in case you missed it, here’s the scoop on Vol. 1.)

Buffy: Legacy Vol. 2 cover

Which Stories Are In Buffy: Legacy Vol. 2?

Legacy Vol. 2 collects issues #11 – 19, which include the following stories:

“A Boy Named Sue” Selke and the Doctor continue their scheming, while a jilted student at Sunnydale learns a valuable lesson in gender relations.

“A Nice Girl Like You” The new girl at Sunnydale hanging out with punks and delinquents seems sweet, but Buffy thinks there’s something different about her…

“Della’s Gone” When a mysterious beauty threatens to steal Cordelia’s spotlight, she decides the upcoming school quiz show will give her the chance to flaunt her intelligence.

“Love Sick Blues” As Sunnydale becomes an increasingly hazardous place to kill vampires, Buffy suspects something’s amiss. She starts to question her relationship with Angel. And what are Selke and the Doctor doing with that ancient Slayer relic?

“Lost Highway” Even Slayers have to learn how to drive. As Buffy faces the horrors of Drivers’ Ed, Selke and the Doctor spread disaster in Sunnydale.

“The Food Chain” All Buffy wants is a little time to hang out with her friends and relax. But a demonic force ripping through town upsets her plans.

“She’s No Lady” parts 1 and 2 Mardi Gras comes to Sunnydale, and Buffy’s been acting strange. What’s up with those piercings, and why is she making out with Xander?

“Old Friend” Selke comes out of hiding and Buffy and the gang finally deal with all those doppelgangers.

Short Stories

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Legacy Edition Vol. 2 also includes a number of short stories, including:

  • “Stinger”
  • “Play with Fire”, parts 4 – 6
  • “The Latest Craze”
  • “Bad Dog”
  • “Killing Time”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Legacy Edition Vol. 2 is available from Boom! Studios now.

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