Congratulations D&D/Fantasy fans! You’re patience paid off. HasbroPulseCon takes place this weekend and right out of the shoot, Hasbro drops a sweet toy right off the bat. Hasbro just announced the legendary D&D character Drizzt Do’urden and Guenhwyvar action figure pair. While no price was shown yet, this is a must have as Drizzt is perhaps the most iconic fantasy/D&D character ever created. Take a look at the pictures released for the pair:

Both Drizzt and Guen look absolutely fantastic! Like most deluxe figures these days several hands and heads are available as well as the ability to make Drizzt single or dual wield his swords. The effects you can place on the blades also look amazing. Guen also looks good. For a simple panther figure they could have made either simple unmovable legs or forward/backward movement only. Instead she looks quite poseable with several points of articulation.

Drizzt Figure – Move Fast and Roll Big

Not only do you get these two as a great combo, but you get a fantastic looking D20 die. The black and silver speckled die looks great and can be used in your next campaign. It boasts a nicely designed D&D symbol for the 20crit spot. There is even a guarantee you will never roll a 20/crit (okay maybe that’s just my rolling)

To get first crack at Drizzt and Guen, you will need to go to the Hasbro Pulse website after 5pm ET today to try and preorder. This is for United States orders only. Again a price was not listed, but expect for this set to cost a pretty penny.

Drizzt Figure – Let the Flood Gates Open

This figure not only represents the heart of D&D, but in my opinion remains one of the true untouched gems Hollywood has yet to touch. Lord of the Rings found its way to the big screen. A couple of D&D attempts have been made or are in production, but not Drizzt. Drizzt and Guen represent a mithril mine of possibilities. He truly is one of the great stories in fantasy, but for some reason no one has ever touched him in any form anime/movie/television etc.

Let us hope this figure, if it sells well, will show Hasbro they need to get the ball rolling on a Drizzt production.