Courtesy of: Xbox

If you missed out on the Xbox Series X/S pre-order period yesterday, don’t blame yourself, it was bad. For those that did end up getting their hands on a console pre-order, you have a fancy new controller that you can pair with that console. The Xbox Series X/S is getting three new controller styles for the launch. Two of them are pretty standard colors with Robot White and Carbon Black. The really exciting one is the Shock Blue. It just adds something new that you’ll have to pre-order with the console. From the looks online, this one is going to be popular.

Now those fans that didn’t end up getting a pre-order can also use this one with their Xbox One consoles. All peripherals that are usable on Xbox One are functional with Xbox Series X/S consoles.

In addition, eagle-eyed Xbox fans are noticing a similarity between the controller and Sega’s mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. While I don’t see it as much, if I get my hands on one, I’m definitely calling mine, “The blue bomber”. I see much more of a Mega-Man resemblance than Sonic. Microsoft just recently acquired ZeniMax Media, which has Bethesda under their umbrella. I doubt that Microsoft is done buying up game studios, but Sega would be a massive get. At this point it’s wishful thinking for Xbox fans, but that would be pretty awesome.

The controller retails for $60, which is a pretty good deal considering normal Xbox One controllers retailed for that price. So grab yourself one if you can.

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