In this edition of Mando Mondays: I bring you this adorably chibi Baby Yoda figurine. Oh, and did I mention that the Mandalorian is in it too?

A chibi Mandalorian flying on a chibi jetpack clutching chibi Baby Yoda.
To infinity and…wait, wrong movie.

Funko Pop has done it again, this time with a Mandalorian vinyl figurine. Complete with his own jetpack and exhaust cloud to boot. The plastic exhaust cloud actually forms part of the stand, and the plastic fire connects the figurine to the stand, so that’s a nice touch. Oh, and don’t forget Baby Yoda clutched in the Mandalorian’s arms. Let’s face it though: who could forget the little guy?

To top it all off, the whole figurine measures 3 and 3/4 inches tall. Thus, it makes a wonderful desk ornament. Or an adorable paperweight. You know, something to make your desk a bit more than the thing you’re working at.

A Cheap Mandalorian Funko Pop?

Funko Pop Mandalorian is adorable.
But let’s be real: we all know who the star is.

The best part? This chibi Mandalorian flying with chibi Baby Yoda is available available from Amazon for only $10.99, with free shipping for Amazon Prime members. Considering what the usual prices for these Funko Pop chibi figurines are, it’s actually not that bad. It’s downright affordable, really. If you’re looking to start a Funko Pop collection, or at least want to preserve your wallet, this chibi Mandalorian figurine isn’t a bad place to start.

There’s only one catch. This Funko Pop figurine isn’t actually out yet. It will be on November 15 though. Until then, you’ll just have to preorder it and wait, oh, 2 months as of this writing. It might be worth it at that price though.


Funko Pop is celebrating Mando Mondays with this brand new Mandalorian flying with Baby Yoda figurine, only $10.99 on Amazon. You’ll have to wait until November 15 to actually get it, but at that low price for a Funko Pop figurine, it’s quite tempting.

Source: Amazon