Two years ago Netflix released Christmas Chronicles, a Netflix original production for Christmas. It was the most stupid, over done, over exaggerated, eccentric, out of left field Christmas Special ever made, but you know what? So was Big Trouble in Little China and look at the job Kurt Russell did with that! Recently Netflix dropped a teaser trailer for Christmas Chronicles 2. Check it out below:

Russell Clause is back!

The funny thing is everything I said above is true. It was stupid, over exaggerated and even mind boggling dumb, but insert the magic of Kurt Russell and you instantly gain a masterpiece. I mean Santa Claus singing Elvis Presley in prison?! Totally stupid, but Russell makes a habit of taking roles and adding a real charm to them. Characters like Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China, Reno Hightower from The Best of Times and the multitude of action flics from the 80s. Even one of his most recent roles, Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy II, Russell put a totally lovable charm on the big baddie that made fans love the character, or at least until the figured out how evil he was.

Christmas Chronicles 2 – How Do You Top the First One?

In the original Kurt Russell brought an eclectic, eccentric, over the top Santa Claus. Kate drags her brother into a quest to prove Santa’s existence, but the unexpected happens and they do actually find him. In the process the sleigh becomes lost as do all the presents. Santa and the kids must retrieve both to save Christmas. The over the top campy style fits Russell’s performance, and when Mrs Claus is introduced near the end it is none other than Russell’s life partner of 37 years, Goldie Hawn.

We do not know any plot details yet, but almost the entire cast from the first movie returns for the sequel. It will be interesting to see how they top the first effort, but we will see what they come up with on November 25th when Christmas Chronicles 2 drops on Netflix.