Disney CEO Bob Chapek made it clear that he didn’t want Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy teasing any more Star Wars feature films. After fans’ inglorious response to the sequel trilogy, Chapek understandably wants to be more cautious. Rightfully so; most of the press relating to the feature film franchise has been less than positive, in good part because Kennedy has announced many features (remember the planned Benoiff & Weiss Star Wars film?) and then pulled them from the slate, or pushed back production. It’s already been three years since The Rise of Skywalker and nothing else is on the horizon. That’s why it came as a surprise to hear recent news that Free Guy director Shawn Levy will lead an upcoming Star Was film.

Star Wars
What is really going on with the Star Wars feature film franchise?

Deadline is claiming to have learned this news exclusively, but then offers little more on the subject.  One other outlet claims to have confirmed the news. No one, however, can provide any details. We don’t even know if Shawn Levy will direct the film, just that he’s “developing it.” Granted, many folks would welcome a Star Wars film from the Deadpool 3 and Stranger Things Season 5 director. The question remains, though: is this news indicative of a divided house at Disney and Lucasfilm? What other ramifications will this have for the franchise?

What does Shawn Levy Star Wars news mean for Lucasfilm?

Given the fact that Chapek has attempted to reel Kennedy in when it comes to making film announcements, one wonders how the news of Shawn Levy joining Lucasfilm came to light. Maybe Levy himself let it slip. Joining Star Wars isn’t exactly the kind of news one would want to keep to one’s self, after all. Or, perhaps others within Lucasfilm, or even Kennedy’s camp, specifically, decided to eschew Chapek’s admonition and leak the news to the media anyway. Details are decidedly murky, but this could lead to some serious blowback on Kennedy, regardless.

Free Guy; Shawn Levy
Director Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds at New York Comic-Con 2019. (Image: JJ Goodman)

Here’s something else to ponder while we try to sort out details of this Shawn Levy Star Wars news. Lately, it seems, where Levy goes, Ryan Reynolds tends to follow. The two are known for their team-ups, most recently in Free Guy and The Adam Project at Netflix. If Levy is coming to Star Wars, does that mean Ryan Reynolds might, as well?

Time will tell.