Story Synopsis: X-Men: Deadly Genesis

A mysterious new mutant kidnaps Cyclops and Rachel Summers, but how does he know Cyclops and what is his connection to Professor Xavier?  Find out who this Vulcan is and what he has against the X-Men in this week’s Comic Rewind,  X-Men: Deadly Genesis.

After M-Day, Scarlet Witch took away millions of mutant abilities.  Mutants have a more powerful energy signature so with that energy taken away where did it go?  Into space is where it went.  The wave of energy went into space and awoke a powerful mutant named Vulcan.

X-Men: Deadly Genesis

Vulcan came down to Earth and planned his revenge against Xavier.  A long time ago Xavier sent a team of X-Men on the island of Krakoa and they were trapped there.  However, Xavier sent a second team to the island in secret and Vulan was the leader of that team.

That team was only able to save Cyclops before dying on that island, but maybe not all of them died.  However, the true secret is why Xavier kept this mission a secret and who Vulcan is.

X-Men: Deadly Genesis was written by Ed Brubaker with art by Trevor Hairsine and Scott Hanna.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2006.

A Random X-Men Comic Turns Into An Important Origin Story

I’ve been looking to read a X-Men comic lately, but I didn’t know what to read.  Most of the good recent stuff I’ve already read.  The older stuff is just too word dense and is hard for me to get through.  I decided to read this based purely on the cover.  However, after I started reading it I realized what this story was and that it is a pretty important X-Men story.

This story causes a huge rift in the relationship between Cyclops and Xavier.  It also introduces a big character into the Marvel universe, Vulcan.  I don’t think he is doing a whole lot now, but he is around and is a threat.

The story was interesting and kept me engaged, but it was not by any means an edge-of-my-seat story.  I know who Vulcan is and some of his backstory, but the big reveal of who he actually is was ruined.  The big reveal I think is really key to the story.  However, I didn’t know this was how he was introduced.  

X-Men: Deadly Genesis

X-Men Deadly Basic Art

My major complaint with the story was the art.  It was extremely basic.  I’ve seen drawings with the same exact skill level back in high school.  It was not bad, but it just wasn’t up to the level I expected out of a Marvel comic.  Rachel Summers didn’t look anything like the Rachel Summers I know.  However, I think it was a design choice as she was going by Marvel Girl at the time and they wanted her to look more like that.

Vulcan Can’t Be Touched By A Very High Level Team Of Some Of The Most Powerful Mutants In The World?

Another major complaint I had with the story was that everyone but Vulcan looked super weak.  No one could touch Vulcan until he was dazed for a moment.  Emma Frost was the most powerful telepath in the world at the time and Rachel Summers is also a high level telepath, but they couldn’t take him down together?  All the X-Men couldn’t work together to do any real damage to Vulcan?  They seemed way too weak against him even with him being a beyond Omega level mutant.

I wouldn’t suggest reading this comic.  It would be a better use of time to just read a synopsis of what happened and who Vulcan is.  However, I don’t regret reading the comic.  It was a little boring and should have been a lot shorter or longer to make it more interesting.  When I finished I felt like “cool now I know Vulcan’s origin.”  I was by no means amazed by his origin or this comic.



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