With all the next wave speculation always circling in the Power Ranger community. We wanted to share our choices that could hopefully get made into the next figures taking up shelf space.

Not only is this a wishlist for figures but we hope that Hasbro was honest in their last Livestream that they ARE listening. So this article is broken up into 2 parts this first part is going to be just based on:

The Figures We Want

The only criteria for this list are

  • No repeats of already produced characters, Sorry Tommy.
  • Even non-rangers are fair game (Villains and Extra Heroes)
  • All mediums are fair game (Shows, Comics and Movies)

So I asked around the THS Virtual office and on some Lightning Collection Fan groups online to compile a list and a few of my own opinion. These are in no particular order. If your team wasn’t mentioned it was so this article isn’t pages of just rangers because let’s be honest, we want them all!

Lightspeed Rescue

Team Lightspeed

The Lightspeed Team is a great candidate to make as figures! Clean smooth lines, bold colors, and easy to spend time doing details like belt buckles. The only thing is would we get 2 versions of the Rescue Blaster in sword and gun form?

As it stands right now Carter (Red), Chad (Blue), and Ryan (Titanium) are the ones the fans are buzzing about.


The first 7 Ranger team!

RPM as a whole is a stand out series and I would be remiss if I didn’t say that Hasbro has to make the full team. So long as they can get the Gold and Silver rangers to paint to have that metallic sheen. You also have to consider there are a lot of details going on here so it would have to be a budget-balancing act to tick all the marks for the details, finish, and individual weapons so they can turn a profit.

Wild Force

Back to the Animarium!

Mostly solid color suits help out big time! Once again this would come down to Gold details and even there chest symbols. The helmet and buckle detail would be a key factor too. I have another character to suggest but that further on in the article. Lastly, would their Crystal Sabers have that transparent spot where the Animal Crystal would be? Don’t forget individual weapons too!

Time Force

Time For Time Force

We already have Wes and aside from the wide jaw of the ranger helmet all in all he’s good! iI this goes down as a groundbreaking series with its storytelling but does that mean we need the full team? I don’t think so. For me, the only other figures we need are OBVIOUSLY Jen (Pink) and Eric (Quantum Ranger)

In Space

The End of the Zordon Era

It goes without saying the entire team needs to be made! I know we already have Ashley. The designs might have several colors but overall totally doable just repeat what they already did. But Zhane the Silver Space Ranger would seem to be the only concern, because of that silver color. With accessories, they hit the mark, with a blaster and personal weapon. The only thing I would have been impressed if they put something like a hologram in the helmet window.

Fresh Off The Press

The majority of these suggestions come from comic books. Yes, I could add another section just for 6th Rangers and Extra Heroes. But you’ll like where I go with this:

The Phantom Ranger


From Power Rangers Turbo comes Cassie’s masked crush, The Phantom Ranger! Still to this day one of the coolest designs in my opinion. Very much like Snake Eyes, so Hasbro shouldn’t have a problem with it. As far as accessories I don’t think he would need them.

The Solar Ranger

Ellarien but her friends call her Ari

If we already have three villains from the comics, what are we waiting for let’s get some comic exclusive rangers?! This is a double-edged sword: The Solar Ranger has an amazing design because you can do that in comics. But how do you translate that to real life?! Would sales of this call for another package deal with the rest of the Solar Rangers’ team.

The Omega Rangers

Omega NOW……… Omega Forever

I know I said no repeats and I was cherry-picking, but since I’m on a comics only tangent then I would be remiss not to mention the Omega Rangers. You have to realize how important they have changed ranger continuity in the comics. What would be nice is to get new head sculpts that look more like they comic versions rather than reuse the already rendered heads.

The Dark Ranger

The Talon… I mean Dark Ranger

After we found out in the Dino Charge Morpher about a Talon Ranger the community was buzzing about getting the Movie Exclusive Deathryuger here in America! With Ryan Carters’ amazing portrayal on tv, we were hoping we would see Heckyl FINALLY suit up! HE DID, in the comics. Never the less this suit has many fine details that Hasbro can’t skimp on! We’ve already had a small issue with Dino Charge Black but if they screw this one up…

Bulk and Skull

Farkas and Eugune as our reserve rangers

This ladies and gentlemen is a perfect example of how to do a 2-pack! I’m not sure if I would do the figures in this overly comical style with the pudge belly and falling pants. But who wouldn’t want to see these odd rangers on your shelf?!



Speaking of Paul Schrier (Bulk/ Hyperforce Yellow) you know we can’t forget the Hyperforce! This awesome spinoff franchise dived right into our RPG playing hearts! I would suggest theses come as a 5-pack but the real treat would be to get their weapons in both forms (just like in Heroes of the Grid)! As far as their 6th ranger is concerned I would do a 2 pack with BOTH Time Force Silver and Hyperforce Green. Could you imagine the convention lines for Yoshi full of fans with his 2 pack?

We Need Villains!

That’s right people are asking for villains! So far we’ve had for whatever reason they want to justify five psychos, three putties, a 2 pack of a married couple, and one Ranger Slayer. So what other villains could we add to our collections?

The Rest Of The MMPR Baddies On The Moon

We know that Z-Putties are on the way so why not the rest of the MMPR villains? If Billy could have figures in the 2017 movie why can’t we have them in the near future? An interesting idea is to do them as 2 packs with a piece of Zedd’s throne as a build-a-fig. If Hasbro is smart and really wants to beat the MMPR horse, start doing the Monsters of the Week.


One Big Bad Dad!

Could you imagine how awesome this figure could be in your hands in an epic standoff against your team of space rangers?? Maybe we could even get various shoulder parts as his did change thru out the show.


The Mighty Wolf Duke Org

Zen-Aku probably has one of the best character redemption arcs in Ranger history. I’ve already mentioned the Wild Force Rangers, so this one is an easy gimmie. Even better make him a 2-Pack with the Merrick The Lunar Wolf Ranger.


I love being a ranger
Melody Perkins Getting into character

If we are going to talk about redemption stories Astronema has had many different styles throughout her show but I think we could all agree on this one. as odd as it sounds maybe throw in a Karone head so if we get a Lost Galaxy Pink you can have your choice.

Ivan Ooze

Oh the things that I have missed: the Black Plague, the Spanish Inquisition, the Brady Bunch Reunion

The first movies’ villain would be awesome as a figure. plus it would open the door for us to get ANOTHER set of MMPR rangers in their movie suits! Consider if Hasbro does the Tengu warriors as I mentioned earlier you can have a Zedd vs Ivan standoff. Z-Putties and Zedd Vs Ivan and his Tengus, EPIC!

Don’t worry I have more ideas and harsher critiques for Hasbro and that will be a Part 2 article coming soon. I want to take a second to thank all the ranger fans that helped in my research for this article!

How do you like this list? What figures are you craving to spend cash on? Let us know in the comments below and on our Facebook page. Till then stay tuned to Thathastagshow.com for everything trending in geek and RANGER pop culture.