Actress Ashley Eckstein revealed big news during her takeover of the @disneyparksblog Instagram. Starting this fall, fans can custom build a Clone Wars lightsaber in Galaxy’s Edge.

Eckstein, who voices Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, said the new hilts are inspired by her character’s lightsaber. Plus, in honor of the character, these have their own unique twist. The Ahsoka Tano Legacy Lightsaber hilts are the first ones that change color.

Check out the Clone Wars lightsaber in action in the clip below.

“’They’re good as new…maybe a little better.’ Dok-Ondar surprised me with Ahsoka Tano’s Clone Wars lightsaber hilts! These are the first ever Legacy Lightsaber hilts that change color and they are AMAZING!!!” Eckstein captioned the post.

Ashley Eckstein shows off Ahsoka Tano lightsabers
via Disney Parks Blog

You can custom build a Clone Wars inspired lightsaber at Disney starting this fall. Just visit Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities to unleash your inner Jedi.

We don’t know the price for the Ahsoka Tano Legacy Lightsaber yet. However, the standard build costs $199.99. (Hopefully, that cool light-changing hilt won’t cost fans even more.)

Until you can experience the build yourself, you can watch Eckstein get her lightsaber. SAGAtoday uploaded Eckstein’s Instagram story of her lightsaber journey to YouTube. You can watch it below.

Eckstein visited Disney for the one-year anniversary of the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. You can see more of her experience on her Instagram.

Ashley Eckstein shows off Ahsoka Tano lightsabers
via Disney Parks Blog

So, will you be picking up an Ahsoka Tano-inspired lightsaber at Galaxy’s Edge? (How many lightsabers do you already own?) Let us know in the comments.

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