If you were a little wary of what DC’s Fandome event would entail, you weren’t the only one. The event was the inaugural virtual fan-convention for Warner Bros and DC. The event was originally slated to be even bigger but had to be split into multiple days. The first day’s action focused on the movies and some of the TV shows of DC. The action started off quickly with a panel on Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984 Dazzles At Fandome


You can read our coverage of the Wonder Woman panel right here. But I can safely say that this movie looks awesome! Cheetah’s effects in the trailer don’t look hokey or fake at all. Wonder Woman’s armor is badass looking. The panel was a fun ride with the cast and director Patty Jenkins. The original screen Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter even came to join the panel later on. Wonder Woman 1984 has been delayed, but it looks just as great as ever when it releases later this year.

A Multiverse Is Possible With The DCEU

The idea of a multiverse was first breached in Crisis On Infinite Earths. That legendary comic storyline laid the foundation for what the DC comics would call a multiverse. The DC films are now going to take advantage of that idea. With their Multiverse 101 panel at Fandome, the people behind the scenes of DC’s TV, comics, and film gave us a look at what could be in store. You can read our coverage of that panel, right here. This panel was focused a lot on the role of The Flash in the DCEU going forward.

A Michael Keaton Sighting! (In Concept Art)

The next panel was all about the solo The Flash film coming in 2022. You can read our coverage of it right here. As the film is in development still, Andy Muschietti couldn’t show off any footage. What he did show off was almost as good though. We got a new look at The Flash’s suit, and we got some teases at what is in store for the upcoming film. The big news surrounding this film is that Ben Affleck is coming out of Batman-Retirement to play Batman one last time in the film.

The Most Fun Virtual Panel Ever, James Gunn Blows Everyone Away With Suicide Squad


If the first Suicide Squad movie was hampered by studio interference and wasn’t as fun as advertised, James Gunn’s upcoming movie is going to change that. His panel, which we covered here, was tied for the longest of the day. It had all the principle actors in the film showing off who they were portraying in the film. We even got a look at some behind the scenes content. It’s a 1970’s style war movie with superheroes. We don’t know much more than that, but I don’t think we need to. This one comes out in August of 2021.

The “Snyder Cut” Delivers Big Time At Fandome

The idea of a director’s cut being done for a film that just released 4 years ago and isn’t called Blade Runner is nonsense. Somehow, the showing of the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League changed my mind on that. You can read the original coverage right here. Set to the tune of “Hallelujah”, the new trailer already looked miles better than what he got in 2016. It was also announced that it would be a four hour cut of the film, originally broadcast as four one-hour parts, and then put together after release. So get excited for this one, next year.

The Rock Wants To Punch Superman In The Face


Black Adam has been gestating at DC for almost ten years now. It seems like Dwayne Johnson has wanted to make this film longer than the idea of a superhero film making money was possible. At Fandome though, we got some proof of concept videos and the explanation of the JSA. You can read our original coverage, right here. This panel felt like it was the furthest away from an actual movie, but it also had some looks into the deeper reaches of the DCEU. Hopefully we do eventually get Black Adam punching Superman in the face though.

Aquaman 2 Gets A Small Billing At The Fandome

In one of the more surprising pieces from Fandome, Aquaman 2 was treated sort of like an afterthought. James Wan and Patrick Wilson got to discussing the sequel. Jason Momoa was nowhere to be seen, but Wan and Wilson still held the fort without the hulking actor. You can read about our original coverage here. Aquaman 2 comes out sometime in 2022. If it feels like there wasn’t much to talk about with this, there wasn’t.

Shazam: Fury of The Gods Most Importantly Answers The “Was Sinbad In A Movie Called Shazam” Question

Shazam’s panel had all the principle actors in the original film including Zachary Levi. They made jokes about how they couldn’t really give “squat” away about the film. What we did get was the news that comedian Sinbad was in the film. We also got a look at the “poster” for the film. Lastly, we learned about what the title of the film was. There was no word on a Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam cameo, but that seems very likely at this point. You can read the original coverage of the panel, here.

The Suicide Squad Shows Up One Last Time At Fandome

Rocksteady games already has a hell of a pedigree with DC games. So to find out that they’re making a Suicide Squad game is great news. To get to see the trailer for said Suicide Squad game, is even better. You can see the trailer and read about the original coverage, here. This game looks awesome and the gameplay looks similar to the Avengers game coming out later this year. You’ll have to find out what it’s like in 2022 on Xbox Series X or Playstation 5.

The Absolute Best For Last: The Batman Blows Everything Away

Matt Reeves laid out perfectly why he should be helming The Batman. If it wasn’t for the COVID-19 pandemic, we’d have more of this movie to see. They’re only 25% finished with the film, but what was shown in the trailer above, is FANTASTIC. If anyone had trepidation about Robert Pattinson being cast as Bruce Wayne, BEGONE. This film looks amazing and Batman is in the right hands. We also got some news about the HBO: Max series Gotham PD that ties into this film. You can read the original coverage of the panel, right here.

Fandome Blows A Stupid Name Out Of The Water And Sets A High Bar

I wasn’t too psyched for DC’s film properties going into this event. It did the exact thing that the people at DC needed it to. You got looks at all their major films coming up, it had gaming, tv shows, side panels about the history of characters. It made me want to go out and buy a DC comic book and get to reading. The future is very bright for the Detective Comics Comics branch at Warner Bros. DC’s Fandome event might have had a dumb name, but the content they showed off was far from it. Following this, who knows what’s next for the company.

So, what did you think of Fandome?

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