Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba fans prepare to get excited, because Uniqlo is now doing a collaboration with the series. That means: expect to see some sweet merch soon. And by soon, I mean in autumn of this year.

Uniqlo logo next to "Demon Slayer" picture.
Because Demon Slayer T-shirts are free advertising.

It’s Free Ads, Man

Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing company specializing in casual wear, which T-shirt definitely fall under. It’s no surprise then that they’d jump at the chance to collaborate with a popular anime series like Demon Slayer. After all, not only would Uniqlo make money hand over fist with the clothing sales, but the anime company gets free advertising for Demon Slayer via the clothes designs. It’s a win-win situation for all, even for the customers. Because seriously, these shirts do look sweet.

Two models wearing "Demon Slayer" shirts.
Comfy too, from the looks of them.

To be specific, Uniqlo will be launching their collaboration lines with Demon Slayer in September and October of 2020. Apparently, September 14 is for the first line, which will focus on the manga. The images depicted on the shirts will be inspired by the black-and-white panels of the manga.

Another two models wearing what looks like the September line.
Because black-and-white is the new…black-and-white.

The second line will launch in October 12, and will focus on the Demon Slayer anime instead. This means we’ll get actual color on these pictures, as well as those flashy special effects the anime used for the main characters’ attacks. You know what this means. Water breathing, anyone?

Shirt with Tanjiro's water breathing style attack.
Water flowing swiftly!

Or perhaps fire breathing is more your thing?

Shirt with Tanjiro's fire breathing style attack.
Fire burning brightly!

Whichever you like, Uniqlo has all the Demon Slayer merch you could ever want. Or at least, they will have it all in the next 2 months. Considering that it’s August at the time of this writing, it won’t be long before you too can wear Tanjiro Kamado and his friends on your shirt.


Uniqlo will be doing a collaboration line with Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba very soon. As in: next month soon. If you have any interest in the manga/anime series, or if you just like anime merch in general, check these out online on Uniqlo’s website or at your local Uniqlo store. The shirts will be selling for $10-$15, and will be available in kid and adult sizes, for there’s something for everyone there.

Source: ComicBook