Watching them all is always a great idea, but we don’t have that kind of time! Season Seven of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is upon us February 21st, so if you need to catch up, we’ve found something that will help.

Disney+ screen shot of the 20 essential episodes of Clone Wars
Disney+ has made it very convenient…

Disney Plus has added a subheading called The Clone Wars 20 Essential Episodes, but no word on the criteria used to select these as the ones to watch. If Dave Filoni had anything to do with it, fans better pay attention. Clone Wars has been his baby and the source of some of the best Star Wars content since the original trilogy. He’s like the Star Wars E.F. Hutton; when he talks, everybody should listen…

The Clone Wars Episodes List

The Clone Wars final season
Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Here’s the 20 Clone Wars episodes you should be watching now to get prepped:

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 1, episode 01: “Ambush”, episode 05: “Rookies”.

In Season 2, episode 05: “Landing at Point Rain”, episode 06: “Weapons Factory”, episode 07: “Legacy of Terror”, episode 08: “Brain Invaders”, episode 12: “The Mandalore Plot”, episode 13: “Voyage of Temptation”.

For Season 3, episode 02: “Arc Troopers”, Season 4, episode 21: “Brothers”.

In Season 4, episode 22: “Revenge”.

The Clone Wars

And finally, Season 5, episode 01: “Revival”, episode 06: “The Gathering”, episode 14: “Eminence”, episode 15: “Shades of Reason”, episode 16: “The Lawless”, episode 17: “Sabotage”, episode 18: “The Jedi Who Knew Too Much”, episode 19: “To Catch a Jedi”, and episode 20: “The Wrong Jedi”.

The list is heavy with Seasons 2 and 5. Ironically, Season 6 didn’t make the list. My personal plan is to go back and watch the list here, but I find it surprising what we thought to be the final season has no episodes bearing on the new final season seven.

Are you ready for Season 7?

The Clone Wars, season 7
The Clone Wars, season 7

What are you waiting for, Hashtaggers? The fall of Anakin Skywalker awaits! Get watching those episodes! Have others you think should be on the list? Shout it out in the comments! As always stay with That Hashtag Show for all your pop-culture news and reviews, and to learn more about Star Wars, you can also visit the official website at