THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDERCATS, HO! That’s right, at least, my favorite Saturday morning cartoon is coming to Hulu. Thundercats (1985) and Thundercats (2011) are both exclusively coming to the streaming platform. All 130 episodes of the original series and all 26 of the reboot. Hulu was becoming somewhat of an afterthought in the streaming wars. When everyone is vying for original content right now like Netflix, someone has to zag. Hulu is doing that by adding beloved series like Thundercats.

The show was similar to a lot of the 80’s cartoons of the time. What set it apart from shows like Masters of the Universe and GI Joe was the setting. With He-Man occupying a sort of generic fantasy land and the Joes being set in the present day. Third Earth was a more dark and dreary setting with the villain Mumm-Ra being scarier and grittier than the more silly and comical Skeletor.

Overall this is a huge get for Hulu and putting them across as a streaming service to reckon with. Hopefully this acquisition means that they can get more classic cartoons on the roster. These classics seem to have been forgotten as key pieces of a streaming library. Netflix, Prime, and HBO Max have limited options for classic action cartoons like this. What do you think of Thundercats? Did you like Masters of the Universe more as a kid? What do you think of 2011 reboot?

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