The hype surrounding Zack Snyder’s upcoming director’s cut of Justice League could not be any louder, and Zack just fanned the flames even more.  He recently tweeted out a single picture.  It is distant and not too sharp, but it whets the whistles of DC fans everywhere.  Snyder reveals Darkseid at long last!  Check out the image below:

He Has Returned!

Snyder Reveals Darkseid: A Promise Long Awaited

When Warner Brothers and DC began building their Justice League franchise on the big screen, they needed one of their biggest villains to stand up against the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Company.  While there are a few names that can routinely do this, there is only one choice that was obvious – Darkseid.  When Batman dreamt of the Alpha/Omega symbol, fans knew Darkseid was coming.

Sadly, the actual Justice League movie did not reference, hint or use the big gray baddie at all.  Then the movie tanked so bad that it ended the DC expanded universe and any further attempts to join their movies the way Marvel successfully did.  One of the greatest villains in the DC universe would never see the big screen.

Snyder Reveals Darkseid: The Second Coming For the First Time!

Now thanks to HBOMax and Warner Brothers, we will see the Dark Lord in some form.  The image looks magnificent and appears to be a wonderful rendering of the cosmic bully.  It looks both realistic and faithful to the comic version.  IT would be great to see Darkseid trade blows with the members of the Justice League, but don’t get your hopes up.

Snyder is doing his cut of the film, which will re-insert Darkseid into the game, but he is not re-doing the movie from scratch.  Steppenwolf will still see be the bad guy.  Darkseid may be more along the lines of Darth Sidious from Star Wars.  He will issue orders and advice to his minion in the field.  It most likely won’t add up to much screen time, but it should be awesome non-the-less.

Snyder Reveals Darkseid:  Could this boomerang back to hurt DC?

If this has the intended effect, could introducing Darkseid in the Snyder cut hurt DC?  IT has already been stated that the only movie Snyder’s JL will retcon and change will be the Justice League movie itself, but now you have a loose end.  Moving on form this point in the movie-verse, we have Wonder Woman and Aquaman.  Ezra Miller may be in or out on The Flash movie (I’ve heard rumor both ways), but Batman and Superman are both out for the moment.  To use Darkseid and the Justice League, you would need to recast half the league (including Cyborg).

Feels like a certain Star Wars movie

This feels very akin to the Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Solo did not provide the numbers needed for several reasons, yet what’s the #1 movie being clamored for right now in Star Wars?  A Solo sequel to find out what happens with all the new characters.

If fans have Darkseid dangled in front of their noses, they will bite and want a Justice League movie with him in it.  Would Warner Brothers attempt another JL movie when they have said they are abandoning the team up movies for individual movies?

We shall see.  The Zach Snyder Director’s Cut of Justice League releases in 2021 on HBOMax.