After the amazing Ranger Slayer #1, where do we go from there? Well right into a three issue miniseries, Drakkon New Dawn, in the World of the Coinless!

Heavy Is The Helmet That Wears The Crown, INDEED!

Kim is now trying to deal with the general disarray and decent of the general population. NO one trusts each other it’s a kill or be killed mindset between the refugees and the now sentries who have deserted since Drakkons disappearance. When Adam brings in a trouble maker he attempts to assassinate the new ruler!

How Do You Quell Civil Unrest?

Kim is ok after the attempt on her life but is trying to come to terms with how to punish this would-be assassin. Rather than kill him, Scorpina finally speaks up about a prison, called DEADLOck, that Drakkon had built to house his insubordinate. Kim, instead of throwing the cur into jail decided to release everyone! Showing a new side of the throne that wants to free everyone!

Upon getting to DEADLOCK the motley crew of Scorpinas traitorous sentries, the coinless rangers, and the Ranger Slayer. The go for a blitzkrieg assault on the prison. Scorpina chuckles at the thought of a very violent battle ahead and has ordered the sentries to cover the coinless’ backs.

A Hidden Lair!

While the majority of forces are handling the assault on the prison releasing the incarcerated. Kim has swept away into a secret area presumably built by Drakkon himself! inside she comes across a being locked down in a huge metal ranger style suit, none like we have ever seen before. Meanwhile, on the main prison floor, the prisoners start fighting back against their rescuers thinking its a trap from Drakkon.

Kim is astonished at the sight of this “ranger”. She says to herself that he must be important to have been locked up personally by her ruling predecessor. She goes for the big red button as the “Metal Ranger” (Which i will refer to) BEGS not to be let go! Kim and the Metal Ranger start going blow for blow! In fact, she is surprised by how powerful this stranger is. Finally, after besting him she signals Finster-5 to have a room ready to receive the new unconscious guest. Before she finds her way out to the rest of the group a mysterious signal is broadcasted and starts to figure out where it’s being beamed to.

Ranger In The Iron Mask

The “Metal Ranger” is being held back at Kim’s castle and proceeds to tell his story about how Drakkon knew him before and was going to use him to conquer the multiverse. He had to stick back in his prison and watch as Drakkon snuffed out each world. When Drakkon got back home he would ask his prized prisoner what could he have done better. The Metal Ranger refused to become his tactical punching bag. But eventually, his fortitude broke and started to tell Drakkon just how to make his plans and strategy better.

The Metal Ranger is also confined but not nearly to the point he was at DEADLOCK. When he realizes this he starts freaking out yet again. Finster-5 chimes in that the signal was being broadcast to space. On the last page, we see a new villain that looks very familiar……

What do you think of this first issue of the 3 part series? Who do you think this new baddie from space could be? Let us know your hypothesis’ in the comments below! What more do you want to see out of the Rangers?

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