As a result of the ongoing pandemic, the majority of Hollywood films have been shut down for months. Unable to begin their production or shooting.
Jurassic World is going to be one of the first films to resume production.

In June Mission Impossible 7 announced it would resume filming starting in September. Now the same is happening with Jurassic Park Domination as it begins filming in London.

New Saftey Precautions Saftey

According to the the New York Times, the protocols for resuming filming have been laid out in a 109 protocol manual.

Everything from the infrared temperature scanners the cast and crew encounter upon arrival to the vacuum-sealed meals provided by masked workers standing behind plastic partitions in the takeout-only cafeteria.

Referred to as the larger group and the smaller group. The larger group consists of workers and production crew. While the small group consists of the director, cast members, and essential crew such as cameraman. Neither group allowed on set until the other group leaves.

A Scary and Difficult New Norm

The studio is not taking any chances when it comes to COVID and safety precautions. This has to lead to an extreme and difficult work environment according to the cast.

Those working inside the Green Zone receive COVID-19 tests three times a week, and the sets are fogged with an antiviral mist before each use. The chairs that the actors sit in between takes are surrounded by orange cones to remind people to remain socially distant. When there is more lag time during a day, the cast can retire to a special Green Zone ‘living room,’ complete with couches, blankets, lamps, and plants. There are numerous sinks, and each time someone leaves or enters the Green Zone, he or she must wash hands. The costs associated with the safety protocols total roughly $9 million.

Movie making has always been a difficult and at times strenuous job. Now it appears that the difficulties have increased as movie-making adapt to a new norm for the time being.