He is the terror who flaps in the night. He is the one character that we keep begging the Disney execs to see! He is DARKWING DUCK! And we are so excited that he’s coming back to our screen in a one hour special on Disney XD!

Darkwing Duck
Image: Disney

Is it worth the wait?

YES yes, it is! the new Ducktales reboot has done so well since premiering just 3 years ago yesterday! This whole new show has a fully fleshed out world and the characters are not so flat anymore. The showrunners have drawn great inspiration from the old 90’s Disney Afternoon, making nods to several shows including Gummi Bears and, Rescue Rangers and Talespin.

But the one show that everyone in the Duck-Fandom was hoping for was Darkwing Duck. we have had several allusion to him in the 2017 series’ run so far up till the triumphant episode where Jim Cummings himself starting voicing the titular character again. But this time with a spin he kind of play himself as an actor who portrayed Darkwing named Jim Starling. With his biggest fan Drake Mallard taking on the role of Darkwing in the Reboot in the show. This eventually drove Jim Starling mad almost burning down the McDuck studios and transforming into the new version of NEGADUCK!

Jim Sterling falling into Madness as the new Negaduck

The biggest drawback of cartoons nowadays are the long hiatuses between episodes and even the mighty Disney can’t compete. Gone are the days where you could watch a show weekly for more than 13 episodes. Ducktales will typically run about 5 or 6 episodes before taking a huge break for several weeks or months before returning to our screens in fact the last episode to air was on May 9th, 2020 and the second half of season 3 starts on September 21st.

Let’s talk Darkwing Duck, Season 3 Part 2

Frank Angones, DuckTales co-executive producer and writer tweeted the episode list and air dates but if you look closely you’ll notice certain episodes have extras including a Halloween special and an hour-long episode called Let’s get Dangerous, the catchphrase of Darkwing himself

Are you ready to “GET DANGEROUS?”

Are you as excited as we are for Darkwing Duck to return to tv again? do you think this could be a backdoor pilot? I sincerely hope so! Yes if they do they will need to figure out somehow to either give him a new sidekick or have LaunchPad move to St. Canard. But that’s putting the canister before the Gas Gun.

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