Online retailer Ruggable recently released Star Wars-inspired area rugs, and surprisingly, they’re pretty dang nice.

Yeah, So? It’s A Rug.

One of many problems most adult Star Wars fans suffer is the lack of themed home decor designed for anyone over thirteen. Yes, there’s enough merch in our universe to make one’s domicile look like a Jawa parts bin. But little of it is made with an eye toward appealing interior design. It’s a fine line between a comfortable domicile with nods to your fandom and Sheldon and Leonard’s nerd cave. And most times, the latter is your only option.

But Ruggable has seemingly made the once-unthinkable: An item with both style and nerd appeal. Gone are the staid movie quotes, poster-stock images and colors that only match a race car bed. Instead, your cult-like obsession is showcased in subtle patterns and scene-themed color swaths that complement today’s popular interior colors.

Spill the Deets, Not The Blue Milk!

Prices range from $109 to $399 USD, with twenty Star Wars-themed designs to choose from. Best of all, Ruggable’s products are machine washable. So now spilling your YooHoo adult beverage on the rug won’t incur the wrath of your mom significant other!

There are multiple rug designs for both rebels and imperials alike. Some are more overt than others, like the Darth Vader and Millennium Falcon variants. However, many of the patterns are only readily apparent to the Force-obsessed. My wife is a self-described “Potter-head”, and she didn’t notice the Star Wars influence until mentioned. She still won’t let me buy one, but home furnishings are a struggle in my house as old as Jedi vs. Sith.

The Verdict on the Rugs

Finding ways to appeal to aging fans of the galaxy far, far away has been a struggle for merchandisers. Thankfully, Ruggable’s Star Wars rugs appease our inner child without ostracizing you from your non-nerdy friends.

What do you think about this line of home decor? Would you like to see more companies create stylish decor for your particular fandom? Do you have any advice on how to convince your spouse into buying a $400 rug? Sound off in the comments below!