Coming out from Valiant Comics this week is Bloodshot 7 Fully Loaded. For those not familiar with this title, it spins off the Vin Diesel movie from earlier this year. As such they like to include at least one cover that features Vin Diesel. Bloodshot 7 begins a new arc in the story of the bio-engineered warrior.

Bloodshot 7: Cover to Cover

The cover of this issue features Vin Diesel in a red washed photo. Vin poses for the shot in an intimidating stance, but it lacks any action. It serves its purpose though.

The artwork inside, however, looks amazing. The panels use plenty of action and color to keep readers visually entertained. The inking provides plenty of detail for both characters and backgrounds. This is actually quite the feat as Bloodshot in this comic is almost totally white.

Bloodshot 7: Time To Jump Onboard!

Bloodshot 7 begins a new story arc for those that enjoyed the movie or are interested in this Vin Diesel superhero. Issue 7 unfolds as such:

The secret weapon(s) of Black Bar revealed! How far will Bloodshot and Eidolon go to stop a new kind of army… and will they even get the chance to try before their enemies catch up? This new arc is the perfect jumping-on point to Bloodshot’s story, while also continuing the fast-paced and thrilling storyline that BLOODSHOT writer TIM SEELEY has been crafting since the debut issue. Plus, the FULLY LOADED EDITION includes 8 pages of new exclusive content, and commentary by Bloodshot co-creator KEVIN VANHOOK!

Valiant Comics

Bloodshot 7: Freedom

Bloodshot now runs from his former handlers with Mina, a rescued Psiot (super powered being). Both the opening pages of this issue as well as the back and forth between Mina and Bloodshot do a descent job setting up the world and the circumstances unfolding. It may feel a bit confusing because they reference event from previous issues, but overall the story flows well.

Mina leads Bloodshot to a hidden area loaded with bio-weapons (aka- modified creatures) with one purpose – “In case [Grayle] needed them to fight something worse”. Bloodshot needs to decide what to do with his new freedom. Does he run and hide? Or does he keep tracking down Psiots knowing weapons like this will pursue him?