Amonkhet Remastered

Amonkhet Remastered is the first in a new line of remaster sets for MTG: Arena. The set is going to release on August 13th, but Reddit user Kuru, dug into the files for the new set before it releases. What’s contained is the full card listing for the set. Now normally this wouldn’t be an issue, because you’d expect most of the cards in the Amonkhet block to be in the set. That’s mostly true, but there are also some other interesting additions from outside the Egyptian themed set. You can read Kuru’s post right here.

Some of the cards from outside the set are from the Invocations, special cards. These were powerful cards with alternate frames and art from when the set released in paper. Some of them include: Thoughtseize, Wrath of God, and Pact of Negation. Some other cards that aren’t originally from Amonkhet include: Collected Company, Rest In Peace, Anger of the Gods, Lord of Extinction, and Perilous Vault. Most of these cards are powerhouse cards that would definitely give Historic a kick in the ass.

You can see the full list of cards thanks to our friends at ScryFall, right here. This is pretty huge news if it turns out to be true. And there’s reason to believe this leak, because it comes straight from the files for MTG: Arena. So we’ll have to find out when Amonkhet Remastered releases on August 13th.

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Source: Reddit